Making Choices About Your Superannuation

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Making Choices About Your Superannuation

A superannuation fund is a way to make sure you have some money for your retirement, but do you understand how investing of your money works? When I first started working, I knew superannuation contributions were being made, but I had no idea about fees being charged and whether my money was invested wisely. In this blog, I want to share the information I learned when I decided to educate myself about superannuation. From self-managed funds to looking at fund fees, there will be blog posts written to make sure you too know what your fund is doing. The more educated you become, the better you can make your superannuation fund perform.


2 Money Saving Tips

21 February 2018
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Everyone needs to save money at some point for a significant life purchase such as buying a car, putting down a deposit on a property or paying for a wedding. Whatever the reason, if you need to save money, you should read the advice below, which will help you to reach your financial goal. Make a plan Lots of people talk about saving money, but very few people are actually successful in doing so. Read More …

The Roles Played by Accountants in Business

14 February 2018
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All companies, whether large, middle-sized or small, require the services of accountants. For instance, an accountant can provide financial data collection, data entry and reporting services to small businesses. On the other hand, larger companies may benefit from an accountant's financial knowledge, as an advisor or as a financial interpreter.  Generally, an accountant can perform a variety of services that are crucial to the success of any business, these services include: Read More …

Construction Insurance: A Modern Necessity

1 February 2018
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If you're in construction you work hard, and there's nothing worse than seeing your efforts wasted through theft, fire or vandalism. But the sad fact is that theft of heavy equipment and building materials is a weekly occurrence from many sites. The cost of stolen equipment regularly rises into the millions of dollars for many businesses, alongside run-on costs of interruption to work, renting replacements and, of course, crushing penalties for delays. Read More …